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Images from the first 2008 Double T Farms night show are online. Many thanks to all of you for a great show. We had a enjoyable evening and look forward to next month. 

I was very happy with the early photos from the show. I moved around the arena a lot, attempting to catch a number of different views. I'm happy with the results, and plan to continue doing that in the future. However, once we lost the sunshine - there was a whole lot of experimentation on my part to find what worked for us and what didn't, and I'll talk about that in more detail later this week in my blog. Overall, I'm not satisfied with the images we captured after dark, I know how you guys love to see the all of the photos so I'm going to share them with you anyway. Just know that we'll be looking to give you improved night work next month.

Again, thank you for your hospitality and kindness!

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